The accuracy of Unicore GNSS receivers ranges all the way from meter, though sub-meter and centimeter, down to the millimeter level.

Using our own unique technology Unicore has successfully developed and fielded series of multi-system, multi-frequency, high-performance System on a Chip (SoC), and a range of high-precision, board-level GNSS receivers and navigation/timing modules.

Applications include Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) reference stations, survey & mapping, precision agriculture, positioning & heading, vehicle monitoring, autonomous vehicle navigation, and precision timing – along with a number of other

Unicore is a one-stop provider of GNSS SoC chips and GNSS receivers, with extensive experience in the design, verification, development, implementation and production of highly integrated ICs, along with multi-system high-performance GNSS baseband algorit

Unicore Communications, Inc. is a technology company focused on the design & development of highly integrated ICs, algorithms and GNSS receivers.

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Humbird UC221

GPS/BDS GNSS Positioning SoC

Brief Introduction

Unicore UC221 is a GPS/BDS high performance low-power GNSS SoC, which features single chip architecture (RF+BB) to provide users with ultra low power consumption, ultra high-performance location service and user experience.
UC221 supports single system independent positioning and BDS+GPS dual-system interoperation, and is flexible for configuration. With unique “Ultra-Sense” high sensitivity base-band design, the receiver can remain well positioning effect in the urban canyon and other complex environment. At the same time, thanks to innovative “Rhythm Sleep” technology, UC221 can run at very low power levels. The simple, compact design makes it most suitable for portable navigation, personal tracking, and other consumer and automotive applications.


• Single chip solution, baseband and RF integrated
• Support BDS+GPS dual-system interoperation,also BDS or GPS single system independent positioning
• Both 26MHz and 16.369MHz TCXO supported
• Low cost design and simple eBOM needed
• 6mm×6mm×1.2mm, FBGA64

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Technical Index

Performance Specification

Channel 64 channel,Universal Engine
Frequency GPS L1
Positioning Mode Single System Positioning
Dual-System Positioning
Positioning Accuracy 2.5m CEP
Velocity Accuracy 0.1m/s
Sensitivity Tracking -160dBm
Acquisition -147dBm
TTFF Cold Start 30s
Warm Start 29s
Hot Start 1s
Update Rate 1Hz

Electrical Specification

Voltage Core:1.1V ~ 1.3V
I/O:1.7V ~ 1.9V
Power Consumption 60mW@1.8V(Continuous tracking)


Voltage Core:1.1V ~ 1.3V
I/O:1.7V ~ 1.9V
Power Consumption 60mW@1.8V(Continuous tracking)


FBGA-64:6.0×6.0×1.2mm   Pitch0.65mm
Internal SPI Flash

Application Area