The accuracy of Unicore GNSS receivers ranges all the way from meter, though sub-meter and centimeter, down to the millimeter level.

Using our own unique technology Unicore has successfully developed and fielded series of multi-system, multi-frequency, high-performance System on a Chip (SoC), and a range of high-precision, board-level GNSS receivers and navigation/timing modules.

Applications include Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) reference stations, survey & mapping, precision agriculture, positioning & heading, vehicle monitoring, autonomous vehicle navigation, and precision timing – along with a number of other

Unicore is a one-stop provider of GNSS SoC chips and GNSS receivers, with extensive experience in the design, verification, development, implementation and production of highly integrated ICs, along with multi-system high-performance GNSS baseband algorit

Unicore Communications, Inc. is a technology company focused on the design & development of highly integrated ICs, algorithms and GNSS receivers.

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High Precision GNSS Board|GPS Board|GLONASS Board High Precision GNSS Board|GPS Board|GLONASS Board

Brief Introduction

UB380 is BDS/GPS/GLONASS Tri-system Octa-Frequency Board developed by Unicore based on its mature Beidou compatible multi-system GNSS SoC. UB380 provides an ideal solution for high precisioning, navigation, and GBAS applications.

■ BDS Support

384 channels, support BDS/GPS/GLONASS satellites, can track and process BDS B1, B2, B32, GPS L1, L2, L5. The support of GPS L2P, L2C, ensuring the high precision reference station equipment requirements of GBAS.
Latest Tri-System & Tri-frequency RTK Engine 
With the latest tri-frequency RTK engine, UB380 can process tri-frequency of BDS, Tri-frequency of GPS and dual-frequency GLONASS observation data. It can significantly reduce initialization time, improve position accuracy, and enhance reliability in difficult environments such as city canyon and canopy, as well as make the long baseline RTK possible.
Mature GNSS SoC Technology
As the core processor of UB380, more than 100,000 pieces of unicore's high-performance multi-system multi-frequency SoC chip - (NebulasTM)1 has been applied in the market, The SoC chip is characterized by small size, low power consumption and high reliability. 
Easy Integration Design
UB380 board is compatible with industry standard GNSS OEM borads in size and interface electrical standards, convenient for the user to quickly develop and upgrade the software and hardware. 
Multiple Communication Interface and Web Interface 
UB380 supports various interfaces such as RS232, USB, and Ethernet interface, user can configure the board through Ethernet. With this, user can manage, upgrade, and reboot the board remotely.

Product Characteristics

• Support BDS B1/B2/B32 + GPS L1/L2/L5 + GLONASS L1/L2
• Better than 1mm carrier phase precision
• Centimeter level high precision RTK positioning
• Better than 0.2° heading accuracy
• Compatible with Industry Standard GNSS boards

Basic Features

• Based on multi-system, multi-frequency, high performance SoC - Nebulas
• In support of the single system positioning
• Advanced technology of multi-path mitigation and low elevation angle tracking 
• Support various interfaces such as Ethernet, 1PPS, and External oscillator input etc.

Data Manual

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Technical Index

Performance Specifications

Channel 384 channel SoC Nebulas Measurement(RMS)  BDS    GPS    GLONASS 
Channel BDS B1 / B2 / B3 B1/L1 C/A code 10cm  10cm 10cm
GPS L1 / L2 / L5 B1/L1Carrier Phase 1mm   1mm   1mm
GLONASS L1 / L2 B2/L2P(Y) code 10cm  10cm  10cm
Horizontal: 1.5m B2/L2Carrier Phase 1mm   1mm   1mm
Vertical: 3.0m B3 code 10cm  10cm
DGPS(RMS) Horizontal:0.4m B3 Carrier Phase 1mm   1mm
RTK (RMS) Horizontal:10mm + 1ppm    
Vertical: 15mm + 1ppm    
Heading(RMS) 0.2(1mbaseline)    
Time Accuracy(RMS)

Velocit Accuracy(RMS)

Initialization Time <10s (Typical)    
Initialization Reliability >99.9%    
Timeto First Fix(TTFF) Cold Start:50s    
Frequency Correction
RTCM 2.x/3.x,CMR    
Data Output NMEA-0183,Unicore    
Update Rates 20Hz    
Network Protocol

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 100 x 60 x 11.4 mm I/O Connectors
2x12 pin
Operating -40°C~+85°C
2x3 pin
Storage -55°C~+95°C Antenna Input MMCX
Humidity 95% non-condensing External Oscillator
Vibration GJB150.16-2009,MIL-STD-810

Shock GJB150.18-2009,MIL-STD-810

Electrical Specifications

Voltage 3.3VDC +5%/–3% Ripple Voltage 100mV p-p(max)
LNA 4.75~5.10V, 0~100 mA Power Consumption 2.6W(Typical)

Functional Ports

1x UART (RS-232)
Note:Part marked with* is customizable. 
2 BDS signal support of this board is based on current 
publicly ICD information. As such, Unicorecomm cannot 
guarantee the board will be fully compatible with a future 
generation of Beidou satellites or signals. 

Application Area