The accuracy of Unicore GNSS receivers ranges all the way from meter, though sub-meter and centimeter, down to the millimeter level.

Using our own unique technology Unicore has successfully developed and fielded series of multi-system, multi-frequency, high-performance System on a Chip (SoC), and a range of high-precision, board-level GNSS receivers and navigation/timing modules.

Applications include Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) reference stations, survey & mapping, precision agriculture, positioning & heading, vehicle monitoring, autonomous vehicle navigation, and precision timing – along with a number of other

Unicore is a one-stop provider of GNSS SoC chips and GNSS receivers, with extensive experience in the design, verification, development, implementation and production of highly integrated ICs, along with multi-system high-performance GNSS baseband algorit

Unicore Communications, Inc. is a technology company focused on the design & development of highly integrated ICs, algorithms and GNSS receivers.

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BDS/GPS Dual-system Anti-Interference Positioning module BDS/GPS Dual-system Anti-Interference Positioning module

Brief Introduction

UM220-III NB is a BDS/GPS dual-system module designed for auto aftermarket such as vehicle monitoring and navigation. It is also a good choice for handheld devices, and balloon sounding applications.

UM220-III NB is the third generation of UM220 series module, based on Unicore Low power GNSS SoC UC6225. It is most suitable for large volume GNSS applications requiring small size and low cost.

Outstanding Functions of Navigation Positioning

With the optimized algorithm of Multi-system mitigation and Kalman, UM220-III NB module keeps outstanding ability of acquisition and tracking under complex environment and continuous reliable positioning results. Through more than 10,000 hours of laboratory and more than 30,000 hours real-road tests, and more than1,000,000 km-road validation, UM220-III NB provides users with excellent navigation and positioning experience.

High Sensitive Design

With Unicore Ultra-Sense high sensitivity design, UM220-III NB can provide excellent acquisition and tracking sensitivity under weak signal conditions, maintain the position continuity and reliability of the receiver.

Support DGNSS and AGNSS

Extended support for differential GNSS, assisted GNSS positioning function. Support  TCM2.3/3.2.

Compatible with Mainstream GPS Module,  Cost saving

UM220-III NB module is compatible with world-class mainstream GPS module in size and interface, the SMD surface-mount technology makes it easy for users’ production, saving users design and production costs.

Product Characteristics

Cost saving, best price performance, most suitable for price-sensitive large volume GNSS applications

In support of the single system independent positioning and multi-system interoperation

Small size and light in weight

Support AGNSS

Small size and low power

Compatible with Mainstream GPS Module, Cost saving

Data Manual

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Technical Index

Performance Specifications

Channel Based on 64-Channel SoC - Humbird Positioning Accuracy 2.5m CEP(Dual-System)
Frequency BDS B1 2.0m CEP(SBAS) *
GPS L1 Velocity Accuracy2(RMS) GNSS/GPS: 0.1m/s 1sigma
Modes Single System Positioning BDS: 0.2m/s 1sigma
Multi-System Positioning 1PPS Support
Time to First Fix(TTFF) Cold Start : 30s Sensitivity   BDS           GPS
Hot Start : 1s Tracking  -160dBm   -160dBm
Acquisition : <1s Acquisition  -145dBm   -147dBm
Update Rate 1Hz Hot start/Reacquisition  -150dBm   -150dBm


尺寸 16.0 x 12.2 x 2.4mm 温度
工作温度   -30°C~+70°C
封装 24 引脚,SMD 表面贴装
存储温度   -40°C~+85°C


电压 2.7V ~ 3.6V DC
LNA 馈电 2.7V ~ 3.3V, <100mA
功耗2 250mW


有源天线、无源天线、D-GNSS*、A-GNSS *


1 个串口
1 x 1PPS 输出
数据接口 NMEA 0183(兼容北斗)
注:标注*部分为可选配置    1典型值,<30m/s 开阔天空    2open sky, 连续跟踪

Application Area