The accuracy of Unicore GNSS receivers ranges all the way from meter, though sub-meter and centimeter, down to the millimeter level.

Using our own unique technology Unicore has successfully developed and fielded series of multi-system, multi-frequency, high-performance System on a Chip (SoC), and a range of high-precision, board-level GNSS receivers and navigation/timing modules.

Applications include Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) reference stations, survey & mapping, precision agriculture, positioning & heading, vehicle monitoring, autonomous vehicle navigation, and precision timing – along with a number of other

Unicore is a one-stop provider of GNSS SoC chips and GNSS receivers, with extensive experience in the design, verification, development, implementation and production of highly integrated ICs, along with multi-system high-performance GNSS baseband algorit

Unicore Communications, Inc. is a technology company focused on the design & development of highly integrated ICs, algorithms and GNSS receivers.

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BDS/GPS Dual-System Dual-Antenna High Precision Heading Board

Brief Introduction

UB280 is BDS/GPS dual-system dual-antenna board for precise RTK position and heading. The high precision board is developed by Unicore based on its mature BDS compatible multi-system GNSS SoC. With low power design and dual-antenna input, UB280 offers millimeterlevel carrier phase observation value and centimeterlevel RTK positioning accuracy, and is in support of multi-path mitigation. Advanced technology of instant and long distant RTK is ideal for high precision positioning, navigation, and heading applications in static and dynamic environments. 

Rapid RTK Integer Ambiguity Resolution
With super strong RTK Algorithms, it insures more rapid initializing speed and can make GNSS-RTK solution on multi-constellation, thus insure users to take the lead in the multi-GNSS era.
Instant Heading Technology
With innovated RTK algorithm, Unicore has developed the real-time dynamic heading technology on variable baseline length for moving base station. High quality carrier observation and perfect RTK algorithm can provide a 0.2°heading accuracy on a 1 meter baseline.
In Support of Web Interface
UB280 supports Ethernet interface, user can configure the Boards through Ethernet. With this, user can manage, upgrade, and restart the device remotely.
In Accordance with the Design 
Standard of being Small and Classic This board is totally compatible with the main 
stream OEM boards in dimensions, electrical standards for the convenience of user's futher development. Apart from this, more hardware interfaces are available.
Graphical Interface
Based on the graphical Control and Display Tool (CDT), the status, SNR and elevating angle of the satellites of all the constellations could be displayed on the screen, thus offers the best convenience to application development.

Product Characteristics

• Compatible with main stream GNSS OEM boards in dimension
• Support BDS B1/B2 + GPS L1/L2
• Support RTK function on moving base station
• Support centimeter level high precision RTK
• Support millimeter level carrier phase observation
• Highly reliable and highly stable, ideal for challenging situations

Basic Features

• Based on multi-system, multi-frequency, high performance SoC - Nebulas
• In support of the single system positioning and multi-system positioning
• Advanced technology of multi-path mitigation
• In support of various interfaces such as RS232, USB, Ethernet, 1PPS, and etc.

Data Manual

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Technical Index

Performance Specifications

Channel Based on 192-Channel SoC - Nebulas Initialization time < 10s ( Typical)
Frequency BDS B1/B3 + GPS L1/L2 Initialization reliability > 99.9%
Single Point
Position (RMS)
Time to First Fix (TTFF) Cold Start:50s
Vertical:3.0m Correction RTCM 2.X/3.X CMR
RTK(RMS) Horizontal:10mm + 1ppm
Data Output NMEA-0183,UNICORE
Vertical:15mm + 1ppm Update Rates* 10Hz
Heading Accuracy (RMS) 0.2° (1m baseline) Time Accuracy (RMS) 20ns
Measurement Precision(RMS) BDS     GPS     Velocity Accuracy (RMS) 0.03m/s
B1/L1 C/A 10cm   10cm      
B1/L1 Carrier Phase 1mm    1mm      
B3/L2P(Y) 10cm   10cm    
B3/L2 Carrier Phase 1mm    1mm    

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 100 x 60 x 11.4mm I/O Connectors 2 x 10 pin
Temperature Operating:-40°C ~ +85°C 2 x 3 pin
Storage:-55°C ~ +95°C Antenna input 2 × MCX
Humidity 95% non-condensing Vibration GJB150.16-2009,MIL-STD-810
    Shock GJB150.18-2009,MIL-STD-810


Electrical Specifications

Voltage 3.3V + 5%/-3% LNA 4.75 ~ 5.10 V, 100 mA
Ripple Voltage 100mV p-p(max) Power Consumption 2.8W (typical)

Functional Ports

1 x LAN
1 x UART(RS-232)
2 x Event*

Application Area