The accuracy of Unicore GNSS receivers ranges all the way from meter, though sub-meter and centimeter, down to the millimeter level.

Using our own unique technology Unicore has successfully developed and fielded series of multi-system, multi-frequency, high-performance System on a Chip (SoC), and a range of high-precision, board-level GNSS receivers and navigation/timing modules.

Applications include Continuously Operating Reference System (CORS) reference stations, survey & mapping, precision agriculture, positioning & heading, vehicle monitoring, autonomous vehicle navigation, and precision timing – along with a number of other

Unicore is a one-stop provider of GNSS SoC chips and GNSS receivers, with extensive experience in the design, verification, development, implementation and production of highly integrated ICs, along with multi-system high-performance GNSS baseband algorit

Unicore Communications, Inc. is a technology company focused on the design & development of highly integrated ICs, algorithms and GNSS receivers.

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UM220-IV N

GPS/BDS Automotive Grade Navigation/Positioning Module

Brief Introduction

UM220-IV N is a GPS/BDS dual-system module designed for automotive navigation and positioning. UM220-IV N is based on Unicore GNSS SoC (UFirebirdTM) 1 .With its compact features and reliable performance, UM220-IV N is most suitable for applications requiring high performance and high quality positioning.

Product Characteristics

• Automotive grade, with AEC-Q100 compliant GNSS SoC, produced with TS16949
• Support GPS/BDS dual-system and single system positioning

• Anti-interference and low power design

• Work in complex electromagnetic environment

• Support A-GNSS, D-GNSS
• Sompatible with Mainstream GPS Module, Cost saving
• SMD surface-mount technology makes it easy for users production

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Technical Index

Performance Specifications

Channel Based on 64-Channel SoC - Humbird Positioning Accuracy 2.0m CEP(Dual-System)
Frequency BDS B1/ GLONASS E1/ SBAS 1.0m CEP(DGNSS*)
GPS L1/ Galileo L1 Velocity Accuracy2(RMS) GNSS/GPS: 0.1m/s 1sigma
Modes Single System Positioning BDS: 0.2m/s 1sigma
Multi-System Positioning 1PPS Support
Time to First Fix(TTFF) Cold Start : <29s Sensitivity                 GPS           BDS
Hot Start : 1s Cod Start               -147dBm   -146dBm
Acquisition : <1s Hot Start               -154dBm   -153dBm

AGNSS<5s Tracking
              -161dBm   -160dBm
Update Rate Up to 10Hz, require customized version Hot start/Reacquisition
              -158dBm   -157dBm

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 16.0 x 12.2 x 2.4mm
Package 24 pin SMD
Temperature  -40°C~+85°C
Operating  -45°C~+90°C

Electrical Specifications

Voltage 2.8V ~ 3.6 V DC
LNA 2.7V ~ 3.3 V, <100mA
Power Consumption3 50mW

Functional Ports

2 x UART
1 x 1PPS

Functional Specification

Passive Antenna, Active Antenna,

Note: * Part marked with * is customizable

         Typical conditions, <30m/s

         open sky, continuous tracking

         3 system stimultaneously

Application Area